Smartweld provides a new solution for connecting Multi Layer or Composite Pipes (MLP). With this innovative system Smartweld combines the use of high quality MLP with aluminium inlay with a simple, secure and above all quick and familiar way of connecting pipes: polymer welding.
The patented design of Smartweld Fitting encloses the pipe so that both its inner and outer surface become one with the fitting.
Smartweld Fitting is made in Germany.
Until now, the use of MLP was limited due to the high costs of press fittings and tools. 
Smartweld introduces a better way of connecting Multilayer Pipes. You can enjoy all the benefits of MLP, but at the same time have a stronger fitting without the need of using expensive tools and …… you can save considerable cost.
The world is a welding place. Smartweld opens up new markets for MLP!
The combination of Smartweld fitting and Multilayer Aluminium Pipes has been extensively tested and applied in systems varying from potable water to sprinkler installations. One fitting fits all applications! From 16 mm – 75mm (2016: 90mm &110mm).
In 2014 our fittings were tested in various smaller and bigger installations. On site and prefab.
Polymer welding is an existing and for many familiar process. Tools are widely available and learning curves are short.
The new combination of Multi Layer Pipe and polymer welding can be applied in many fields other outside  the traditional MLP domain!
The Smartweld Fitting Concept can enhance your MLP business.
Whether you are looking for new product markets or other parts of the planet to do business or if you want to penetrate your existing markets even further, Smartweld can help you achieve just that.
By providing a better way to connect MLP at a lower cost, Smartweld improves your offer by raising your quality-to-price ratio. Becoming a Smartweld partner and offering our fittings to your customers will make you even more competitive. As a producer, a system supplier, wholesaler or installer!
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